Zagloba Inn

The place of our Inn was known even before war. All kinds of merchants and other noble guests were stopping here. There was another Inn at that times but the Zagłoba Inn surely inherited some of the unique features. Even today you can find here an old well. In old times the well was storing all sorts of fish which chefs would later cook and serve in the Inn. The Zagłoba Inn also takes pride in its immaculate, made of stone fire place which is a great decoration of the ball room.

Our traditions, tasty cuisine and friendly personnel are just a part of a great atmosphere you can find here in our Inn. We guarantee that for those of you, who are tired of the pollution and smell of big cities, picturesque views of surroundings and crystal clear water of Narew can give a great chance to relax and admire the beauty of nature. For those of you, who are fond of observing wild nature life, The Zagloba Inn is certainly a place to be.

You are always invited to our Inn.
Wieslawa & Kazimierz Kotynscy.